Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hi there, Im GRIMLOCK,

I compete online and duel through DUELING NETWORK

Some Yugioh Background about me:
- Let's start with something that all my friends in the Philippines knows very well, I love the Dark World theme, I started playing Dark World around 2006 and im still playing Dark World until this very day and time and second ^^

- Yup that's 8 years of playing one theme, that's just love for the theme, I feel the challenge to compete using Dark World against any Meta in Yugioh, I never let any negative comments against Dark World to influence me and make me change my deck, I guess that's just me.

- And thanks to that love for the theme, I became the Champion in 1 Monthly Tournament using the Swiss Format and 1 Special Tournament using the Single Elimination Format,  I dueled against really good opponents and had to go through around 40-60 people, all of these took place in the Philippines where I grew up, I will never forget the winning feeling of success.

- I was also successful in TCG, where I finished 61st place out of 361 players,  using Dark World at a Regionals in Edison, New Jersey last May 7, 2011


Random Q &A:
Why Grimlock? 
- Simple! I love the Dinobot Transformer known as GRIMLOCK, just type that name in google and you'll know ^^

Did you ever think of changing decks? 
- Nope, I just love Dark World, Plain and Simple, I just love it ^^

On a finishing note, Im no longer an OCG player playing in the Philippines, but a TCG player playing in the United States, and living in New Jersey, whose 100% Pinoy who loves Dark World and is known as GRIMLOCK!

Thanks for Reading!!!!!

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